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I fed her our vegan food (whole foods and oil-free) and within days she was feeling - and looking - better. Within six months she was off the  medications she'd been taking for years. Her arteries were as clear as a babies and her energy was wonderful. Mom lived another three years, blessing us with her sweet presence and gentle humor. She died peacefully at the age of 93.

Food can be powerfully destructive. But it can also be the best medicine on Earth.

Hi. I'm Jocelyn Graef.

I became a committed vegan on Dec. 27th, 2003. It was time. I come from a family rife with heart disease: My father died from his second heart attack at the age of 67 and my mother suffered from high blood pressure and serious heart disease all her adult life as well as a variety of other health problems.

You may discover a passion for delicious, wholesome food you never knew you had. Most people rotate a repertoire of about six dishes. Fast Easy Vegan gives you a new recipe five nights out of seven. Every Week.

When I first became vegan, the hard part was figuring out the dinners: What does a "balanced" vegan dinner look like? Am I going to be hungry all the time? (Spoiler alert: Nope.)

I was also worried about lunch: What in the world was I going to do for the midday meal? Like many people, I don't have a lot of time. My usual go-to had been a fried egg sandwich because it took me all of three seconds to slap that baby together and gulp it down so I could get back to what I was doing. I quickly learned that one of the great words in "veganese" is "leftovers." With Fast Easy Vegan recipes, you will learn to love leftovers with a new fervor.

It took me nearly a year of spending daily hours poring over recipes, converting them into healthy, no-oil vegan versions and giving them an extra tweaking of deliciousness before I was truly comfortable in my vegan kitchen. I have so many recipes to share with you! I've done the work, now you can enjoy the many benefits. I've made it easy, fun and inexpensive to be a healthy vegan. All you need to do is follow my simple recipes.

If you aren't already an amazing cook, this will turn you into one.

You will be able to enjoy great meals every day and on special occasions. You are going to learn tips and tricks that will surprise and delight you. You'll be healthier than you've ever been and you'll learn to love your time in the kitchen and, even more than that, at the table. Fast Easy Vegan recipes will be your best tool for gaining the health and vitality you didn't know was possible.

C'mon! I'll show you...

About Me

I started Fast Easy Vegan to help people eat better.

My mission with Fast Easy Vegan is to show you how to approach a healthy, whole foods plant diet in a way that is easily within reach and affordable. I'll show you how easy and fast it is to cook a delicious, satisfying dinner that supports your optimum health in 30 minutes or less a day.

You'll discover a tantalizing array of food tastes and textures that you may not have had before. Your taste buds will come alive as you learn how flavorful and exciting vegan cuisine is.

My mother was in and out of hospitals for years until one day in 2007, her doctors told me her time had come, she was dying. My husband and I brought her home to die surrounded by family. Her doctors didn't think she'd last the week.