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5 Dinner Recipes Every Week

With photographs and simple step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow to create your masterpiece in 30 minutes or less. All recipes are free of oil (with a rare exception of a tiny bit of toasted sesame oil for flavor), sugar and overly processed ingredients. Each dinner recipe includes directions for simple sides to make a complete meal: starch, salad and vegetable.

A Shopping List for the Week

This list contains every ingredient in each of your five weekly recipes so you can easily shop for all five dinners in a single shopping trip. Buy only what you need and save money at the store.

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A Prep List

This will save you big time during the week. Crank up the tunes and spend some time in the kitchen dancing, slicing, dicing and preparing ahead. Every week there will be different small tasks to make your dinnertime smoother.

Prepare Easy Delicious & Healthy Plant-Based Dinners  at Home

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Each Weeks Plan Includes...